Good Cop/Bad Idea? Cont.

So I still haven’t managed to quite clean up some of the questions regarding the game mechanics of Good Cop/Bad Cop. These have still yet to be addressed/answered:

  • the role/winning condition of the Bad Cop
  • how should the elimination/interrogation system work

I’m finding difficultly in how to deal with said issues because I feel they are actually quite complex for how simple they appear to be. I don’t want to make an overly complex system either, as it defeats the attribute of “simplicity” that I wanted within this game. I’m still working it, but in the mean time I decided to look into the production costs associated with producing a game like Good Cop/Bad Cop.

First thing to note is that I, intentionally, chose to produce a game with minimal costs associated with it. I intend to actually produce the game by the end of the semester, or have a product ready to be distributed by then, and I decided simplicity in form and concept would be the way to go. The only things that would need to be produced are:

  • a game guide
  • a “deck” of character/role cards (we’ll get back to the “deck” idea in a second)
  • a small bag of “diamonds”
  • a container to contain everything

Pretty simple stuff. The game guide is easy enough. That’ll probably be just an A4 piece of paper, maybe even smaller. I say smaller because I want the game to be as portable as possible, hence why when looking into card production and card costs, I opted for “mini sized” cards, as opposed to the traditional TGC length cards. I can make do with the mini cards as the cards in Good Cop/Bad Cop are used only as a means of assigning roles to the players, and as such, the cards are not particularly vital (which leads to the question; are they necessary at all? I’ll get to that soon).

Now, before I get onto the costs associated with printing a “deck”, just how many cards do I need for Good Cop/Bad Cop? It would largely depend on how large of a game I would limit it to (which I haven’t actually sat down and thought about). I would say the game should be between 6 to 12 players tops, and if so, that means I’d only need to produce 12 cards per deck, max. According to I can get a deck of (minimum) 32 cards made for $8.00 AUD (I think). Obviously with the economic procedure of bulk buying I can save by buying more decks, and the beauty of Good Cop/Bad Cop is that since I need so little cards to begin with, a single deck of 36 cards will produce enough cards for 3 sets, in effect I’m getting 3x the value out of every deck of 36 that I order.


As for the “diamonds”, I couldn’t quite find a company that would produce one. I guess I would need to research molds for a diamond-esque design, or make one then approach a plastics manufacturer with it. But as a very cheap (both in aesthetics and economic value) alternative, I could use plastic coins such as the ones found at Further research needs to be had, particularly on plastic molds.

I wanted to finish with the possible argument for perhaps no cards, or even, no physical components/analogue at all? If it were on a digital interface, I wouldn’t need to limit the number of players (therefore cards and tokens) of each game. I would have no production costs in manufacture, and some of the game mechanics such as “hidden information” could be better represented on a digital device. My issue with this thought, however, is that it’s then leaning too heavily onto Spyfall. Is this a thought I should continue with, or not? I’m not entirely sure.

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