Since the last post, my idea for a game has evolved.  While I still like my app idea, it has been shelved for future me, so I can focus on something different: A card game which revolves around the idea of being a freelance worker, aiming to get a real job (sound familiar? Because as a creative type myself, it is a reality for a lot of people).

Just to give you an idea on the development, here is a picture of what I had before class on Friday:

card game img1.jpg

And here’s a picture of what I walked out with:

game img2.jpg

Onto the basic concept of the game – as explained not through a dodgy phone quality picture~
As mentioned earlier, you the player are a freelance worker, looking for a full time job in the field of choice.  There are of course a few hurdles:

  1. You must have cash. If you run out of cash you lose the game.
  2. Not everyone wants to pay you cash; in fact, most people just want to give you exposure
  3. You are competing against other people in your field, racing to be the first player to get a full time job.


Source: The Oatmeal


At the start of the game, each player will be dealt 5 cards, and be given 10 Cash.
The person who was up the latest the night before begins the play, and it continues in a clockwise direction.

To complete a turn, each player must in order:

  • Pay 1 Cash to ‘survive’
  • Draw 2 cards from the deck
  • Move jobs on the field to the next ‘day’
  • Choose to begin new jobs from hand before ending their go.

MIDDLE: How To Advance In Play

Through the completion of various jobs, players can earn cash for continued survival, exposure to help further future careers, and skills to complete larger jobs.

END: How To Win

Obtain a full time Job by meeting the requirements (ie. x exposure; having certain skills; etc.)


When I got home, I made a quick mockup of cards for the purpose of play testing.  I will be discussing the conclusions that came out of my play testing experience shortly. For now, enjoy these rough card mockups which were made to easily translate my concept.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 5.10.57 pm.png

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  1. I like the idea of your game, while I was reading it I found it to be a mixture of Monopoly and real life. I could see this as educational tool for primary school students who may have learning disabilities as a lot of them currently have or receive limited support in finding a job.

    The card mock ups look great it might just be the computer screen but the text could be a bit wider in the spacing as even though I knew what they saying a lot of the letters were close together. Other than that they look great, they have all the necessary information that is required and they are easy to look at.

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    1. The card mockups were done to get a play test in two days after conception. I will note that they are now a little crumpled and scribbled all over. They need a bit of work, and I think I will probably scrap the use of the Good Design / Fast / Cheap >> pick two model, and although I think I will still base the reward system on that model; I feel like card art would be more effective and engaging for players. Furthermore, I have since introduced 3 other card types into the deck which would need a different approach.

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  2. Fantastic concept, love the comic and your mock-up looks like a polished product itself. I think, while you could evolve and expand it a bit if you really wanted, you’ve got a great basis already that you could totally run with and focus on presentation and making the foundation you have rock-solid. Not sure if I’d play it, the stark reality of it hits home 😦 Seriously though, looks to be on a great path.

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  3. Loving the concept of the game. I like how each round you lose money and you would have to find a job or you lose the game. It gives the game a layer of tension. Completing different jobs which helps you gain “exposure” and experiences for another better paying job is very creative. You can also include on the final stage before someone gets they permanent job is that they have to go through an “interview” which of course players have to show what skills they have. What determines if the person gets the job is by the amount of skills they have.

    Let say that if the player has 2 skills. If the player rolls a 4 he/she will get the job. If they get a number besides 4 they don’t get the job. The more skills you have the greater chance you can get the job. 3 skills gets you from 1-3 range, 4 skills gets you 1-4 range. The die acts as the “mood” of the boss. As in reality, you may have the skills but if the boss does not like you chances of you getting the job may not be as high. Hope this helps!

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    1. I like the concept of an interview period to make the game a little harder to win; but I’m not sure if I’d approach it in the same way. Furthermore, the game is currently quite a long game, so I’m not sure the extra element of tension before winning is necessary. I would however love to find a way where other players can influence the play of people other than themselves, not quite sure how to resolve this yet though.
      In terms of finding money or losing the game; I had a play test today and I almost went broke immediately because my shuffling favoured the other player instead of me ;_;.


  4. A perfect example of Art mirroring life. The idea of having an entertaining way to properly express the struggles of artists really hits the spot for me. There are many clients who I think would learn a tonne from this game 🙂 the only really constructive input I can think of for this game is that a broader field of work would make it more applicable and inclusive of future players. Other than that this game is an excellent social commentary that I can imagine having a ball playing.

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  5. This is a great concept for a game. Almost like “Monopoly” meets “The Game of Life”. You mention in your post your ideology behind making this was because “it is a reality for a lot of people”, and from a marketing angle, I think this gives your game a broader sense of appeal and reliability which will help people initially engage with your game. As this is often the hardest challenge most people face when making a new game (relating it to the audience – why they should care), you’ve addressed this early which is good to see.

    Your card mock-ups look great, and if you want to get them professionally printed, I’d recommend checking out online Australian card-making retailers such as this one ( to have your cards printed in bulk for cheaper.

    Other than that, you seem to be pursuing a very solid concept and I wish you the best of luck!

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    1. Thanks for the link! I’ll defs look into it~
      I’ve already had quite a bit of interest amongst friends outside the course, and I’m considering going to Kickstarter when I have a full ideated game: I mean why not? It would be hella fun and great to share with the world!!


  6. Hi,

    Your idea is very creative. Have you heard about or played the board game Careers? It reminded me of something similar to your concept. Here is the link if you want to read further:

    If you need some more ideas for setbacks, here are some:
    – Being sent to the park bench
    – Having the job payment cut in half
    – Paying health insurance or cay registration.

    At the moment your game seems like it has taken a very competitive approach. However, it would be interesting to see players working together a little (a semi-cooperative approach) as often in our industry we have to share knowledge and skills to succeed in a job. Here is a site that could help you explore the idea:

    What is the most exciting about your idea is that I can see many expansions for the game that will probably come about in further development.

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    1. What can I say; I’m a competitive person!! I have semi-considered the option of cards which require more than one player with different skills to complete, or if a player doesn’t have all the skills they can bargain with a player in order to co-operate. For example if a player has no cash, but the one with the card is without all skills, they can pay another player to input their skill and split the exposure or something along those lines. Still needs further thought, but hey; it’s a WIP!
      Will look into Careers also! Thanks~

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  7. Hi, I really like your concept and how you have even added the mock up of the playing cards. It made your concept much easier to understand and follow the process of how your game is going to be played. I think you have a great set up for a game that will turn out to be very well done.

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  8. I definitely like this idea of collaboration being an option. Maybe it can be an option that unlocks different outcomes? Like maybe a successful startup business or something?

    My other thought is also related to the extremely competitive nature of the game. These roles are all based on creative individuals. Is there actual room to express this creativity in the gameplay? A lot of the gameplay seems quite prescriptive, I’d like to see how it actually goes and what kinds of interactions these different mechanics allow the players to engage in.

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    1. perhaps bonuses in game could be awarded for people following through with the cards and posting their mockups onto social media. ie. photoshop a dinosaur lady; someone could draw a quick sketch, photograph, hashtag and share to receive some bonus exposure?


  9. Veeeeeryyy nice! I also agree with Kae above – to actually engage and express creativity throughout the game would be a nice way of keeping it new and fresh each round. The pace would obviously be fairly slower than normal – but the content of your work and the creation of this game would do so well!

    It is a really nice way of forming a game around the idea, that most Uni students (especially in a creative field) suffer in the freelance world, and gaining “exposure” but also being properly paid for the work they have created is also important

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    1. Currently it’s based around my personal connection as a graphic designer; but I’ve had mates from other CA degrees express interest in expansion of the freelance jobs; so characters are en route in the planning of this game!

      Thanks for your thoughts!!


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