First Person View: Mechanics

T H I N K Sam

FPV drones require a knowledge base of simple equipment and technical specifications before one puts on a pair of goggles and goes for it. It is a high speed and high tech sport that is quickly attracting sponsors for serious racing due to the amount of money that (can) be spent on the hobby. This exploration of the FPV racing scene will be the core of my dossier for what could see a university based society or enthusiast club arise. I will be focusing on the quadcopter scene (opposed to the fixed wing or the ground vehicles) and the use of first person view flight. John Gaudiosi details drones popularity amoungst the public due to enthusiasts wanting an “experience an aerial perspective of a physical location” he links his arguments advertising Virtual Reality Links to the possibility of “Drone racing enthusiasts can sit in the driver’s seat of the winning…

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