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After much deliberation (and procrastination) on whether to create a text-based RPG or 2D RPG / adventure game, I have finally begun learning how to use ’GameMaker studio’, which to my dismay, it’s not as novice friendly as I hoped (I was more hoping it would just do all the work for me), but several tutorials later and a few brief and mild melt downs, I am under way.

Building upon the topic of video game archaeology, I think the strongest aspect of my game will have to be rooted within its contemporary cultural surrounding to provide some sort of commentary upon American affairs. I am now hoping to explore this quality both obtusely and slightly more subtly in the game itself, with the setting of the game in a dystopic wasteland being the obvious metaphoric and hyperbolic commentary on Trump’s America, while subtler commentary will be explored via in game commentary and the player character’s own diary. All this is probably far too optimistic to pull off, but oh well… people can dream.

As the game will amount to a indie style, RPG / adventure game, it’ll be available on most platforms, namely PC and mobile (possibly a cheeky release on console). And due to the independent nature of the game design I am predicting very low overheads for the games development.

fallout 2

Reflecting upon the feedback from last my initial post, the inclusion of NPC characters based upon contemporary political figures could benefit the overall goal of world building, adding greater depth and enabling further opportunities to comment on the American political landscape. I should also address why I’ve chosen to focus on the American political race rather than Australia’s tumultuous Prime Ministership. Two main reasons; firstly, in the theoretical publication of this game I’d imagine it would be far more popular in an American setting. Secondly, creating a politically charged project based on Australian politics is particularly divisive, moving the topic to America and basing the game around a figure like Donald Trump is far more satirical and less likely to offend. I am also interested in the idea of juxtaposing a satirical world with the player character’s sombre writings in his diary, which change over time to reflect his observations of the world around him.

Below is an exert from the player’s diary:

Extending from the south rose the great wall, gleaming in unwavering fortitude and indifferent protection. “To be born in the north is to be chosen”, the old voice of father still rings clear, if it not for this most divine of constructions gifted upon us by the emperor (like Moses and ark before him) the malicious shadows of the world below would devour the gloriously tranquil and golden plains… and all that dwell within.

-Glory be to Trump


  • Erkki Huhtamo 2005. Slots of Fun, Slots of Trouble: An Archaeology of Arcade Gaming. Handbook of Computer Games Studies, edited by Joost Raessens & Jeffrey Goldstein. Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press.


  1. Your concept is certainly ambitious, but I love it! If you pull it off the way you’re hoping to I can’t wait to see it all come together. I definitely agree with your decision to make it America-based – commercially the market is much bigger and you’re right; Trump as President is as terrifying as it is funny, and much more dire and dramatic than our boring old Turnbull and co. Just maybe ensure not to totally alienate international audiences, you want your game to have an ‘everyone’ appeal.

    I also tried using GameMaker and although I haven’t gotten too far (yet!) I found this third party site (http://gamemakertutorials.com/) to be really good when it came to tutorials and guidance. Good luck! I can’t wait to learn more about our protagonist and read more of his ominous diary.


  2. I love this and I would like to order my copy now please and thank you.

    This game is such a unique take on apocalyptic games and honestly, I think it seems more likely to happen than even Fallout. The juxtaposition of the ridiculous (which is a positive description) situation and the totally serious sombre writing really sets the tone of the game.

    I totally agree with using American politics as the focus. Whether we like it or not, American culture, politics, etc. is really influential all around the world and no doubt everyone is aware of the election and the total shite storm that is Trump’s campaign. I’m curious to see how you envision Trump’s America! Will the Great Wall of Mexico make an appearance? Possibly there’s a whole generation of Americans who just think the world ends at the wall.


  3. Haha awesome Ideas, if this pull out i think it will be epic. I like your idea and agree as using american based for your marketing purpose. maybe you should try to make a dreamworld inside your game and it can be called TrumpWorld which the character goes inside their own head while a sleep and adjusting a new freedom inside the Trump empire. it can also create a new quest or another story before all the wasteland which were a greenland.


  4. I really liked that you took the time to highlight why you have chosen the American political universe as opposed to the Australian. I agree that it is less likely to offend as a result, and it still has the opportunity to be relevant on a global scale, since the American nation is often considered one of the most influential countries. Couple that with the spectacle that is Donald Trump – or any American election for that matter (O’Connor, B 2014) – and parody works become very successful/popular on a global scale.

    Another trump parody which might be useful inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7ZrJeo9ga0

    Considering your game is set in the far future, what I don’t get about your game is the setting. You have placed your visuals in a very old apocalypse style, almost a throwback to the wild west. There is no obvious indication of technology or innovation. Is this intentional?

    O’Connor reference if you are interested in reading more: ~
    Brendon O’Connor, “All eyes on aninsular nation: How the symbolic focus of US presidential elections fuels American exceptionalism and enhances US power,”; in Georgianna Banita and Sacha Pöhlmann, eds. Electoral Cultures, Heidelberg: C. Winder University.


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