A New Hope Pt 1

Even though I am a bit late on posting this about my game I have finally figured out the key parts to it all.

I looked upon all of my favourite games over the past that I kept going back to and thought why hasn’t another good sci- fi/ futuristic world been made? I loved the series of Dead Space, Mass Effect and Bioshock but with all of the games within the genre of sci-fi and Steampunk seemed to be swiped under the rug. So I thought I want to do a game like this that would really capture a great story and awesome gameplay.

My game is called, ‘A New Hope.’ Based off games I looked into such as Mass effect and Fallout all open world games that have captured all our hearts. I really wanted it to be a third/first person shooter however due to my lack of knowledge of coding I cannot produce something of that scale. I will be using the Game Maker for now but will probably look at both avenues for a part to state if it was to go to that scale. I wanted it to be for all platforms but for now just PC but it will have capability to work with a controller… I hope. This will also be targeted at an MA15+ rating as there will be shooting and blood… Spoiler!

The game is set in the year of 2082, when all of Earth’s resources are beginning to die. The Earth’s population is becoming smaller as the waste land became survival of the fittest. (I thought as a second game to defiantly use the wasteland as a good DLC or second side to the story after the first game) NASA had retrieved information of life from a planet not so far away within their system. They formed a small team of five to go find the planet to hopefully be Earth’s new Hope.

The main character you play as is Marcus Gorden, a Special Forces Pilot that suffered a major blow to his right eye and forehead that had to be replaced and built in robot layers. (Yes he has a robotic eye because I think that is sick) Marcus is accompanied by Captain Victor Ford, Doctor Laura Smith, Engineer Scott Shorten and Wilson the Robot helper.

Sadly due to my short skills in drawing I hope to make up for it in music and writing while I am still trying to track down someone to draw my characters for me and my main cover. If this does not work out I will have to try my hardest at drawing my cover at least.

Please comment and tell me what you think about my game so far or any help would be awesome!



  1. The first thing that really got my attention was the robotic eyed protagonist, to be honest! I really have to know, does the robotic eye add any special ability to our hero? I guess I kinda thought of Fallout and how the Pip-Boy adds the VATS ability, to make combat easier. Would the robotic eye do something similar, or could it be an attack, like a laser or the like?
    Will this game be in the open world realm or would the story be more linear, with no side quests/stories?

    I was wondering if possibly the player could play as all five of the ‘small team of five sent to look for the Earth’s New Hope’, with each character having a different set of abilities or playstyle? Maybe the player could pick and choose who to play as, or there could be set missions where you have to play as a certain character. Just an idea.
    Xenoblade Chronicles has a combat/play system where you can choose between a selection of characters to play as, and you have two others in your party following you assisting in combat. Take a look below. I also like the battle style of Xenoblade, with its ‘battle pallete’ at the bottom of the screen, where you can choose different attacks, but that would probably take your game away from the 3D person shooters roots you were looking for.

    I like the plot of your game, and the potential you have there to explore themes of humanity and survival.
    I’m keen to see where this leads. 🙂

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  2. Your world sounds fascinating. Have you by chance heard of Larry Niven’s sci-fi novel Ringworld? It’s set in 2850 and it’s about an expedition led by three races I believe (including human) to a mysterious planet shaped by a ring (which actually heavily inspired the Halo series.) I haven’t read the whole book yet, but it foresees an interesting future for humanity which might help to inspire and flesh out your world.

    Here’s the wiki page if you’re interested in learning more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ringworld

    Furthermore it also reminds me a little bit of the film Interstellar which I would reccomend watching if you haven’t!

    On that note, I’d be very interested to hear more about your project, especially to hear about what you have in store for the characters you’ve introduced. Where are you planning for the challenge to arise in your game? Will they come across hostilities? Will it be a puzzle based game where problems need to be solved? Or perhaps will it be an interactive story akin to the successful Telltale series where the player drives and shapes the narrative through conversation and making decisions?

    All the best!

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  3. Sounds like your developing a really interesting world! As a big fan of Dead Space 2, I am very interested to see how this develops.

    I know it would be very difficult to integrate, but on a shearly conceptual level, I think it would be very beneficial for the games success to integrate some level of virtual reality compatibility. As we know from games like ‘Elite Dangerous’, ‘AD1FT’ or the upcoming ‘No Man Sky’, that VR can be very effective in submersing a player into a world.

    It seems like the narrative is going to be imperative to your project, so I’d advise checking out ‘Firefly’ or ‘Hitchhikers guide to galaxy’ for inspiration!

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  4. For some reason, as soon as I hear anything about the world’s resources evaporating, and sending a group of people out to terraform or explore new planets, I think of Firefly – but that’s just me. Would probably be helpful research in terms of narrative, even if it is just another excuse to watch Firefly!

    With the main character’s robotic eye, is there some way you could incorporate that into the game play instead of just being there because it’s cool (which it still is: super cool)
    If you were aiming for an fps, maybe his robotic eye can temporarily be used to see through walls to give you a bit of an advantage, like a power up/boost?

    Is this game going to involve a purely fps based system, where you progress via kills, or will it also incorporate some puzzle elements like someone above me has suggested, to give it a bit of extra depth? I think your concept is strong so it would almost be a waste to not bring more of it into the game itself.

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    1. Woops! Pressed post by accident! Carrying on:

      I am a fan of games like Bioshock and, to a lesser extent, Fallout, and I am excited by your ideas about a sci-fi/steam punk world. I can’t wait to see what your world is going to be like!

      I am really interested in your character Marcus and his kick ass robotic eye! I really want details about this character and what his story is!

      Can’t wait to hear more!

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  5. This was amazing idea, and open world adventure what else can you ask.
    i like the idea that the main character has robotic eyes. If you think about it you could create a side quest because it robotic eyes like, The main character were able to sleep and during his sleep he fall to his dreamworld full of joys and Tears, which bring up all the memory from the past.
    It could be few levels of dreams.
    And those dream happens right after he loses his eyes.

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