Save Your World.

I’ve been dreading this because, honestly, the idea of creating a game is ridiculously daunting to me. Even thinking of an idea for an idea for a game is terrifying.

Initially, I conducted research by playing games: Board games, card games, games on my phone, games on my laptop, PS4 games. I wasted entirely too much time getting acquainted with just a fraction of what is out there. I’ve played games in some capacity my entire life but this subject has, so far, opened up entire new worlds to me. I had no idea BoardGameGeek even existed until a few weeks ago. With that in mind I decided to create a card game with role-play and resource management elements – inspired by games like Settlers of Catan and Munckin. I even had a friend of mine tentatively lined up to draw tarot inspired character cards.

The inspiration I threw in the bin. Credit

I then started planning and realised I really, truly, know nothing about card games. I play them occasionally with friends but the idea of orchestrating the game mechanics, coming up with an advertising plan and writing decipherable instructions to follow was just insurmountable. So I started thinking about what would suit my skill-set while still being a challenge and decided that creating a simple, fun, app would be something different and relevant to my Digital Media/Digital Marketing degree. Hopefully trying to create a game on this sort of platform will fill out some practical experience I’m definitely lacking.

Keeping in mind the type of fun, easy, time-wastey games my friends and I play on our phones I’ve decided to create a game called “Save Your World”* available for iOS and Android. Following a basic arcade style (swipe and dodge) gameplay made popular by viral games like Flappy Bird and Crossy Road, you will play as a Superhero, dodging villains and saving civilians. The further through the ranks (levels) you rise, the more customisable your hero becomes – cape, hair and skin colour can change, as can gender (A non-binary option is available) and your hero’s name. This customisation, and the ability to earn superhero ‘kudos’ the further your progress, will give the player a sense of achievement as they waste time on the toilet or the train.

This sort of game is right up my alley; I love this sort of easy, mindless game play. I also think incorporating a ‘superhero’ vibe will be a winner too – the constant barrage of the genre in films, games and general entertainment over the past few years demonstrates that it’s very popular, and with all demographics (Dittmer 2011). It’s certainly popular with me, an avid comic book fan. I’m thinking the comics I read as a kid will directly inspire some game design and art. I’m currently experimenting on GameMaker, Stencyl and GameSalad to achieve this look and to, you know, learn how to build an actual game.

I’d love to hear any advice or thoughts you guys have on my fledgling idea as it really is in the earliest of stages- until last week I was convinced I was creating tarot cards.

*Title will almost definitely change.


Dittmer 2011, ‘American Exceptionalism, Visual Effects, and the Post-9/11 Cinematic Superhero Boom’, Environmental and Planning D: Society and Space, Volume 29, Issue 1, Pg114-130


  1. Hey! I love time-waster games and this game sounds amazing. It has the potential to be really simple and incredibly addictive. You could also make some upgrades in-app purchases and you’ll be super rich in no time ;). One little thing though; you said that you’ll be able to unlock new genders as well as non-binary genders which is really great! More games need non-binary characters in my opinion. Does this mean that the default hero would be male? Considering this is will be a mobile game and women make up the majority of casual/ mobile gamers (, it might be worthwhile to have all genders available from the start. I can’t speak for everyone, but seeing a female protagonist or even the possibility of a female protagonist makes me about 600% more interested in playing a game.
    You could still incorporate tarot cards! The Hierophant definitely sounds like a villain to me.


    1. Thanks for your feedback! You are so right, I definitely don’t want the default to be male and because women are such big mobile gamers I think having the option from the get go is a great idea. Thank-you!

      And yes, I sort of want to make the App icon a tarot card, just for my own amusement if nothing else! 😉

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  2. I can get behind the idea of a game that is extremely easy to play and is one of those ‘play when bored’ games like Flappy Bird etc. They bring a quick fix to people are are itching to play something but can’t dump time into playing a longer game or they can’t wait to get home. It is an extremely good genre as it allows for the game to be enjoyable and doesn’t rely too much on a wider market as it is confined to the App Store/Google Play store etc instead of being on third party sites or having to be in physical stores.

    The theme of the game works well with the genre you are trying to target as superhero’s can make everything funner as they can do things that most people can’t which is one of the reasons some people play games. To escape.

    The way in which you can unlock different costumes and accessories os also an extremely good idea as it gives the players an incentive to come back and play more. Cosmetic upgrades always work well with players and will mean that people will play your game for longer as opposed to not having any sort of rewards system.

  3. You could be on to something very cool here! As others have noted mobile games can do very well, especially simple and addictive ones. The theme is also ‘super’ relevant right now with the world loving their superhero media.

    Take a look at some of the recent Aussie hits Crossy Road and Shooty Skies, they way they add variety to design and customisation is super simple but it feels like it changes a lot of the game, simply with the addition of a reskin.

    I also liked your tarot cards earlier on, if you still like the designs they could feature into the game well to change up the obstacles in your path while playing. Simple things like falling rubble from space when the star card pops up would offer some cool variety to mix up the game!

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  4. It might be worth looking at the game Hero Zero ( A time based game where you level up your character and work within a team (optional) to defeat other teams; becoming the best you can be. The objectives aren’t complex, in fact you only take out of it what you put in (in my team, I present myself as the friendly neighbourhood batman; someone who can bring vengeance down like a tonne of bricks, but would rather just chat; and this casual discussion amongst team mates is what keeps me amused within the game).

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