Exploring VR with Unreal Engine

Matt Keats

To me, an “individual game design” task is a rather daunting idea, having close to no experience with game design. However, video games have been a massive part of my life since early childhood and my passion and interest in games is still strong. Having seen the rapid development of games through my first console, the PS1 to my latest console the Xbox One, alongside PC gaming, I am constantly intrigued by new and emerging technologies within the video game industry. Therefore I cannot ignore the gigantic hype around Virtual Reality and the forerunner VR systems. Because of this interest in VR, I am extremely keen on the idea of designing for a VR game, or experience such as the UOW’s Yellow House project.

To begin, I have begun researching, and playing around with Unreal Engine, the game design software that will be used to re-create the Yellow House…

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  1. I can relate so much to this. I too am so interested how VR is really changing the gaming industry. I hope they really create a game like SAO one day. Well either way I’m also participating in re-creating one of the rooms for UOW’s Yellow House Project. Learning Unreal engine from scratch is not easy at all. I still get lost on what to do lol, but simply trying out what each functions is makes the whole learning experience that much fun (can be annoying especially if you can’t do what you want). Here is a link to some tutorial guides if you are interested on what other steps unreal engine can do https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZlv_N0_O1gaCL2XjKluO7N2Pmmw9pvhE​ . All the best!!!


  2. Hi Matt, I think you shown a huge commitment to learning how to use Unreal Engine as a very casual gamer myself I commend your efforts and your picture with your room creations are so good! Do you have any more information about what you will be designing and how the room will look? Looking forward to your next post to see you expand into the room detail and any issues you are having with the Unreal Engine program. Goodluck!


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