Emperor Trump – The Demigod

My currently idea for my game is the creation of a 2D RPG – adventure game designed for PC/Windows. Due to my total ineptitude towards coding and digital art, I am planning on creating my game in GameMaker which is apparently very user friendly.

The current, extremely loose concept for my game is that of a Mad Max-esque world in which Donald Trump has bucked the American democratic two-term system in favour of declaring himself Supreme Lord and Emperor for 1000 years. His dictatorship quickly results in total atomic warfare and subsequent nuclear fallout; the American landscape is then transformed into a baron dessert which Emperor Trump refers to as ‘the Great Golden Plains’.

The game begins in year 2046, the hundredth birthday of Emperor Trump however the Emperor has gone unseen for some 20 years, leading the survivors who live in deep underground caves to assume the demigod Trump has forsaken them. The survivors resort to subjecting a single individual to the baron wasteland in a effort to salvage scrap materials for the construction of a great tribute to appease the absent Emperor.

The primary goal for my design project is currently that of world creation, using the world to tell a over the top satire of contemporary politics, injected with historical reference to create a sense of an elaborate lore. Although ‘off the wall’ I still hope to anchor the core aspects of the world to Trump’s own actions. My current idea by which to communicate the details of the world is via character dialogue as well as in game assets.

Idea’s for the world:

  • Trump personally rewrote the English language to make it more patriotic, naïve and/or self-flattering – this is drawn from Trump’s own belief that he has “the best words”.
  • As a comment on consumerism, I hope to include a animal into the wasteland that was a genetically modified cow, now with long, beautiful blonde hair.
  • I like the idea of Trump being consider a demigod, with the survivors being brainwashed into believing that, despite the great war, things have improved
  • Also as a result of the harsh living and radiation, life expectancy has dropped to 20, with very few remembering the world before Trump’s election

If anyone has any idea’s to flesh out the world I’m all ears!


  1. I feel like this is a hilariously great idea! It’s clearly relevant not only in its focus of Trump and politics but also being set in a post-apocalyptic setting reflecting current games such as Fallout who in turn reflect fears of nuclear war and so on.
    I think it could be cool to see other important/famous people (current or historic) appearing in the game commenting on this which you have mentioned such as consumerism, politics or war.
    Sounds like a great idea for a game!


  2. As a fan of Fallout and 2D games I believe this will be a very fun and hilarious game to make. Plus you related your game to something going on at the moment which will intrigue many. Your story is very well thought through and I believe it will be a great idea once fully developed. Especially the cow I think we make it even better! As the comment before me has stated maybe bring in famous people such as the other candidates, Obama, plus so many more! Maybe even the Kardashians if you want them to be blown up in some point of the game would be good! Keep it up!


  3. I’m not sure why but this idea is reminding me of the movie ‘Book of Eli’ and how that bloke was chasing down a copy of the Bible because it was only through its words he could get a bunch of people to follow him. The fact that you’re gamifying thing concept in the current political context is great. Would you consider Australian political context as a possible alternative? I know the US market is huge but it would be good to try and make something reflecting our own nation, even if it is self-deprecating.

    I am curious, what is the goal? Defeat Trump and liberate the world?

    This would give a good opportunity to discuss what post-Capitalist society might look like… Can’t wait to see this idea develop further!

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    1. I’ve chosen the American setting primarily because that Trump as a character is far more absurd and the ability to satirize him is a lot easier… If only Abbott was still in power.

      The ending thus far is a tightly kept secret! Most because I’m not sure how I want it to end.


  4. I love this idea! haha its so relevant and would be a hilarious game play. As soon as I heard it I thought about Call of Duty zombies when they introduced U.S. presidents John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, and Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara as playable characters. Just a quick question in the game are we playing as a single individual salvaging scrap material? I can defiantly see this game going a long way looking forward to seeing more development!


  5. This is such a great idea! Games that have a hilarious twist and base I think have a lot more chance of being successful.
    I feel like it would make for a good card game, just because then you could use the term “Trump Card” somehow it would be hilarious.
    The only thing I would suggest to include in the game, is to make sure it’s not a ‘once-off’ type game, I find some absolutely hilarious games are only really funny once, so it loses it’s value after one play through, so that’s one thing I would just keep aware of.


  6. This almost definitely requires a very, very hawkish tribe of violent individuals led by an unholy alliance of Henry Kissinger and Hillary Clinton, while Bernie drives around with a flaming guitarist telling everyone to #FeelTheBern and move to Vermont, which has universal healthcare.


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