Remnants of Dream

Verity Concept Art

Inspired by various games such as Bravely Default, Undertale, Bioshock, and Dreaming Mary, the game Remnants of Dream will take the form of an interactive fantasy RPG.

Out of all the games mentioned, Remnants of Dream draws most of its influence from Dreaming Mary, a semi-horror side scrolling RPG where you control a girl called Mary, who must interact with her dream world.

Remnants of Dream will feature a heroine in the form of Verity, a 10 year old girl from the human world who accidently finds her way into Floria, The Land of Ephemeral Dreams. At the start of the game, Verity will begin in the courtyard of a castle where she meets a mysterious child called Blossom, who promises her a way to depart Floria if she can retrieve 3 items from Lillette, the Queen of the Fairies, and her two aides.

However, Floria’s royal house was exposed to corruption upon Verity’s arrival which has infected the remaining residents. The defining mechanic of this game manifests in the multiple endings you can achieve depending on your interactions with the Queen and her two aides. In total, Remnants of Dream will have three different endings to choose from, but not all is as it seems.

I would really like the gameplay to resemble Dreaming Mary’s and Undertale’s in that the controls use the arrow keys to move Verity around Floria. I would also like to use the “z,” “x,” and “c” keys to interact with Floria’s residents, interact with rooms, complete puzzles, and open a menu screen where the player can save their progress.

The game engine I have decided to create this game with is GameMaker: Studio, which I have started experimenting with just to get a sense of the software. As for art, I really admire the art style used in Dreaming Mary and Undertale which I hope to harness in Remnants of Dream. In regards to music, I plan on looking for creative commons music that I believe fits the world of Floria.

I still have to design the Queens aides before I can say that I have my full cast of characters, but after I can visualise them, then I can get on to making the sprites for each of the characters.

As the main inspiration for Remnants of Dream, if anybody is interested in seeing what Dreaming Mary is like or even playing it to completion, you can download it for free right here.


  1. With such great games inspiring Remnants of Dream, this RPG will definitely be something I would be willing to play. In terms of music, since the game will be based in a castle, I can easily imagine classical music playing eerily in the background or even tunes from a music box and it could become creepily quiet when you reach the most dramatic parts of the game. I’ll be interested to see what three items Verity will have to collect, it’ll be good to see a connection between the objects – one of the final objects could possibly be the Queen’s crown (which could restore the world to its former glory). I love the idea of the alternate endings and am keen to see what you come up with!


  2. I too like games that have multiple endings, as long as the concept isn’t stretched too thing and the ending’s unique/meaningful. Sounds like an ambitious task ahead of you, interested in your next progress update. I’d imagine it’s best to start designing puzzles now; are they going to be room-based physical puzzles or ones that require finding an item and applying it correctly? Either way, GameMaker should be able to provide a solution for those.


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